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DIY NFTs, or "Do it yourself", are characters you'll create from scratch and improve as you play World Challenge.
When playing World Challenge Game, you won't just receive tokens; you'll also earn other rewards, including accessories that will help shape your DIY character.
Each DIY character has 10 body parts where you can add accessories.
The primary purpose of DIY characters is to increase the points earned by the NFTs you use in the game, by up to 50%. The rarer your DIY character, the higher its valuation, which determines the extra % of points your NFTs earn when playing.
A DIY character's valuation will range from 0 to 1000 XP. For every 20 XP your DIY character has, the points earned by your NFTs in each game you play will increase by 1%. For example, if your DIY character has a score of 1000 XP, you'll receive an additional 50% of points.
DIY XP is calculated as the sum of the XP of all the accessories worn.