🎲Board game

World Challenge Game is a board game that combines strategy and general knowledge.

The board game, which you can now purchase from our website in both English and Spanish, includes the following components:

  • A reversible board featuring maps of America and Europe

  • 6 main characters

  • 150 conquest tokens divided into 6 colors, usable on both sides

  • 200 cards with 400 questions

  • 6 help cards

  • 6 summary cards for gameplay and answer selection

  • 6 markers

  • Instruction manual

Furthermore, the first edition of the board game will come with a complimentary NFT that you can use in the mobile version of the game. Each box will include a unique QR code that will allow you to easily and securely redeem your NFT.

‼️Thanks to the mobile game app, you can access thousands of questions to continue enjoying the board game without limitations.‼️

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