Bogdan Tapu (CEO)



Strong leadership is one of his strengths, and he has worked in various sectors and countries. His role is to lead the company in achieving its goals through new strategies. His business vision philosophy is "The only thing impossible is what you don't attempt."

Daniel G. Blรกzquez (CPO)


A software developer with a creative orientation, an expert in user experience and product design. Obsessed with detail and quality. He covers a wide range of disciplines, from web design to applications and video games.

Carles Pons (Video Game Developer)


A video game developer specializing in managing technical teams. Throughout his career, he has worked with a variety of languages and platforms. Passionate about agile methodologies, he always seeks to improve team productivity.

Marcos Garcรญa (Video Game Developer)


A video game developer and specialist in managing teams. In his career, he has excelled in ensuring that all team members contribute their best with the highest level of commitment and motivation.

Santiago Moreno (Video Game Developer)


A video game developer, a lifelong gamer, passionate about illustration, and a dedicated Metal enthusiast. An expert in graphic and video game design, always concerned with user experience, attention to detail, and product care.

Fran Gรณmez (CTO)


Founder and CTO of 3fera since 2006. He has led the technological aspects of dozens of successful projects across a wide range of sectors, including banking, human resources, logistics, fintech, and blockchain, among others.

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