🎨NFT rarity

The NFTs come in 5 different rarities, distributed as follows:

  • Challenger: 9

  • Platinum: 36

  • Gold: 999

  • Silver: 2430

  • Bronze: 6525

The Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum NFTs can be minted on Magic Eden, while the Challenger NFTs will be obtained through different dynamics. You can find more details about them here: https://worldchallengegame.com/en/mint-promo

By holding an NFT from the collection, you will have automatic access to participate in the whitelist for upcoming releases and other sales we may have in the future.

Additionally, Platinum NFTs and the top 50 ranked in the Gold, Silver, and Bronze categories will be eligible to claim a free NFT from the following collections.

‼️In addition to the mentioned rarities, each character has an additional category of NFTs called "Wood," which comes as a gift inside the board game box.‼️

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